1. A Charter Bus Makes a Trip to Mount Rushmore Easy!

    Seeing the Mount Rushmore monument is an incredible experience. While there are many wonderful photos that trace the monument from the beginning of its construction, through to completion, and into the present day, no photograph can really do it justice. If you are a part of a group that loves to visit National Parks or important landmarks across the United States, Mount Rushmore should be towards…Read More

  2. Book a Charter Bus For a Trip To Comic-Con!

    For people who love movies, TV, science fiction, and comic books, the biggest event of the summer is always the Comic-Con in San Diego. Every year, thousands of fans descend on the Southern California city to catch the latest glimpse at upcoming movies, buy exclusive and limited merchandise, or catch a panel with their favorite actors, directors, and writers. While the origins of the convention ar…Read More

  3. Take a Charter Bus to Spring Break!

    Even though the fall semester is just about to begin, it’s never too early to start planning for your spring break! If you and a group of your friends, a school club, or your sorority or fraternity are thinking about taking a trip to somewhere fun over spring break, GTS can help! We have the nicest fleet of charter buses in the Detroit area! No matter what size your group is, we can get you to y…Read More

  4. Visit the Rocky Mountains by Bus!

    There are few locations in the United States more iconic than the Rocky Mountains. They represent one of the many difficulties that explorers faced as they spread out across our country, and they’re also famed for their absolute beauty. Because they are so large (they stretch approximately 3000 miles from Canada, through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and into New Mexico) it can be har…Read More

  5. Travel to Las Vegas With Ground Travel Specialist!

    Everyone loves going to Las Vegas! Whether you’re a skilled and seasoned gamer or you just love to soak up some shows and the spectacular nightlife that never seems to end, Las Vegas has something for everyone. As the city has expanded, it has become more kid-friendly over time which makes it an ideal place for a vacation with the extended family or the perfect site for a family reunion. If you…Read More

  6. Book a Bus to Nashville With Ground Travel Specialists!

    If you and your friends, relatives, or fellow parishioners are fans of country music, there’s no better place to visit than Nashville, TN! This historic city is rich in culture, food, and nightlife. Call Ground Travel Specialists today to book a bus for your trip, and read on to find out about a few of the exciting things you can see or do in Music City U.S.A.! The Grand Ole Opry The longest-run…Read More

  7. Charter a Bus for Your Next Company Retreat

    Trying to organize a company-wide retreat can be fraught with difficulties. In addition to figuring out accommodations, food, and activities, you also have to determine the best way to get everyone to the destination. Letting your employees drive themselves might seem like a good idea, but that requires making sure that every vehicle that is capable of driving is filled with passengers by creating…Read More

  8. Bus Travel: Fiction vs. Reality

    The idea of a long ride on a bus usually isn’t a pleasant one. A lot of people conjure up memories of long school trips to their state capitals in bouncing, seatbelt-less buses that were always too hot or too cold, and smelled like old bag lunches. Others think of the gritty depictions of bus travel in tons of dramas or horror movies where unwashed masses either crowd into old, stinky seats, or …Read More

  9. See America the Old-Fashioned Way

    When people go on vacation nowadays, they often get on a plane so they can get to their destination as quickly as possible. Their priority is spending as much time as they can on the beach or with relatives, and while we at GTS understand that, we also believe in taking time to enjoy the journey. If you’re interested in seeing America the old-fashioned way, on the highways that people have drive…Read More

  10. Take One of Our Buses to Your Next Convention

    There are all types of conventions around the country on an almost weekly basis, where enthusiasts of all kinds can gather and share their love of a common hobby or interest. The more well-known conventions, such as comic book conventions and gaming expos, attract tons of interest, but there are also conventions for the more obscure, such as beekeeping conferences and expos for those who love merm…Read More