Seeing the Mount Rushmore monument is an incredible experience. While there are many wonderful photos that trace the monument from the beginning of its construction, through to completion, and into the present day, no photograph can really do it justice. If you are a part of a group that loves to visit National Parks or important landmarks across the United States, Mount Rushmore should be towards the top of the list.

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Get a Dose of History

The monument was originally dreamed up by South Dakota state historian, Doane Robinson, in the early 1920s. Originally, he wanted to carve mountains to look like famous people (not necessarily presidents) in order to drive more tourists to visit South Dakota. The sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, agreed to take on the project but suggested that the subjects of the monument be Presidents.

Enlisting the support of South Dakota lawmakers, Robinson’s project started gathering steam. After 14 years of work, and following the death of Borglum, work was completed in If it hadn’t been for the Great Depression, the monument may have been completed much sooner and featured torsos of all four presidents as well as a large Hall of Records. The Hall of Records was built into the rock behind Lincoln’s head and remained unfinished until 1998. Copies of the Constitution and other documents of importance where placed inside of a titanium box inside the entryway.

Interesting Facts About Mount Rushmore

  • Total cost of the monument: $989,992.32
  • Most of the carving was done using dynamite
  • After Borglum’s death, his son, Lincoln, finished the project
  • Mount Rushmore was named by a lawyer from New York, Charles E. Rushmore, who was in the Black Hills to survey gold claims in the late 1880s.
  • It took more than 400 men to carve the monument, and there were no fatalities on the project.

Mount Rushmore is open every day of the year, except for Christmas Day. On Christmas, the grounds and parking structure remains open but the buildings are closed. From May 25th until September 30th, a lighting ceremony takes place each night. In addition to the monument, there are exhibits about the making of the monument on the grounds.

Experience the Beauty and History of the Black Hills

The Black Hills are one of the most visually striking sights in the USA. The tall mountains appear dark because of the thick timber that covers them. The area boasts lots of great opportunities for sightseeing and camping. The Black Hills are also an important cultural area for a number of Native American tribes, including the Lakota. The Black Hills are also the site of several mining towns that sprung up during the Gold Rush of 1875-1878, including Deadwood, Lead, and Central City.

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