For people who love movies, TV, science fiction, and comic books, the biggest event of the summer is always the Comic-Con in San Diego. Every year, thousands of fans descend on the Southern California city to catch the latest glimpse at upcoming movies, buy exclusive and limited merchandise, or catch a panel with their favorite actors, directors, and writers. While the origins of the convention are deeply rooted in comic book culture, over time, the emphasis has become much more broad and now includes something that everyone will love.

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Catch a Panel

The panels at Comic-Con have become legendary events as well as the flashpoint for all of the newest pop culture moments. Almost every major motion picture based on a comic book has some sort of huge reveal at one of the panels at Comic-Con. From movies like The Avengers to the Twilight series, if it is going to be huge, a trailer or teaser will most likely debut in San Diego. While a lot of this footage is released to the internet later, there is nothing quite like sharing this experience surrounded by a group of your best friends and hundreds or thousands of other people. The excitement and awe is nearly palpable!

Other panels are quieter and more thoughtful gatherings where established and up-and-coming creatives will speak to the audience about their work and their methods. If you love everything that a particular writer or artist has done, chances are good that they may be a panelist at some point during the convention. If you are looking for some inspiration to help you finish something you have been working on, a panel at Comic-Con might give you the shot in the arm that you need. You never know — you could be on a panel in just a couple years!

Walk the Floor

While the panels and their promise of exciting new trailers and the coolest celebrities are one of the best parts of Comic-Con, the floor of the convention is an entirely different and ridiculously exciting part of the experience. On the floor, you will find people cosplaying, vendors with thousands of back issues of your favorite comics, limited-edition merchandise that is only available at Comic-Con, and tons of people who are as excited to be there as you are. Take a walk down Artist’s Alley and find your favorite artists signing books and selling limited prints, check out booth after booth full of the coolest toys, statues, or cruise around and find people decked out to look just like your favorite characters from comics and film (always remember to ask permission before taking their picture!)

During the convention, large segments of San Diego will offer special drink and dinner deals to con attendees, and don’t forget that the fun doesn’t end once the convention center doors close at night — there are tons of fun parties, concerts, and other special events that you can attend.

Does Comic-Con sound like the perfect way to spend a few days? Contact GTS in Detroit and learn all about our charter bus rates. We would love to drive you to the San Diego con, or to any of the other comics and pop culture cons that are popping up all across the country! When you choose GTS, you will get there on time, safely, and ready to enjoy yourself at the convention!

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