When you are a music fan, you wait impatiently for early spring because that means that the announcement of acts who are playing the large music festivals start to roll out. First, a headliner and some smaller acts and then, seemingly overnight, the floodgates open and dozens of bands and artists are named for each fest.

Trying to determine which fest(s) you want to attend can be agonizing, but figuring out how to get there and back doesn’t have to be. With a charter bus rental from Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) in Detroit, we can take you where you need to be to experience the music you love with the people you want to share it with. Contact us today to charter a bus or read on to learn about why you should choose us as your transportation to and from this season’s best music festivals!

We Have Buses of All Sizes

We understand that some fests are so popular and filled with such a large variety of music that your entire social club, fraternity, sorority, or work group wants to go, but we also know that you want to attend the smaller, more boutique festivals that cater to specific genres even if you don’t have as many friends who want to go. Luckily, GTS can accommodate groups of all sizes! Our fleet is comprised of vehicles that comfortably seat groups both large and small! Give us a call to find out which charter buses we have available.

Our Drivers Are Safe and Efficient

It’s well and good to charter a bus but without a driver, even the best bus won’t do you much good. At GTS, you will always have the best, most comfortable charter buses and the most highly trained, experienced, and safe bus drivers. We take the time to find drivers who have great driving records and we train them to be even safer. Your comfort and safety is our number one priority at all times.

Relax on the Way There and Back Again

Even a two-day festival can be incredibly draining. The heat, the sun beating down, the constant exposure to loud music and loud crowds, the dust being kicked up — all of these factors can require you to summon a nearly superhuman level of endurance. If you decide to fly to wherever the festival is, you will have to fight you way to the airport, make your way through endless security lines and checks, and be crammed into a plane that never feels big enough. If you want to spend your weekend absorbing as much of the festival experience as you can, you need to have your energy reserves ready to go. Charter a motorcoach with GTS and save your energy for the fest! Our buses are clean, each one has WiFi, big and comfortable seats, and a restroom. At the end of the festival, climb aboard and relax without having to worry about how you will make it to the airport safely. We’ve got it all taken care of.

Contact GTS today to find out about our charter bus fleet and to book a trip from Detroit to your favorite music festival!