1. Book Your Traveling Team on One of Our Charter Buses

    As the manager of a traveling sports team, you have a lot of responsibilities. You have to make sure everyone shows up to practice, so they’re ready for the next game, and you also have to be sure everyone knows what time the plane or bus is leaving for an away game. The transportation details are often left to an assistant manager or traveling secretary, but no matter who handles the specifics,…Read More

  2. Book Your Next Trip With Us!

    If you have a group or organization that is planning a sightseeing trip or an excursion to a local museum or sporting event, it’s important to have proper transportation. You could carpool or try to arrange for everyone to meet at the destination, but that can turn into a major hassle. At Ground Travel Specialist, we’re always ready to help large groups find the perfect charter bus for their n…Read More