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Overall Service:

There is nothing more important to GTS than providing top notch service. We are second to no one when it comes to communication and knowledge when booking your charter, preparedness and experience before your trip, and quality with professionalism during your trip. From start to finish you can see the difference in every step of the process. Ground Travel Specialist is “MICHIGAN’S TOP RATED LOCAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICE” one of many distinctions we take great pride in upholding every year, for every trip.


Charter trips are what we specialize in. We pride ourselves on executing them flawlessly. We show up on time, fully ready for the trip you need us for. If you have a group that needs a great bus with a great driver, look no further than GTS. Our years of experience and attention to every detail give us an edge on the competition. It is because we really care, that max effort is given for every charter. We do this with a hands-on approach with our support staff, sales, operations, technical support, and management whom work seamlessly with our drivers and most importantly you. This team attitude ensures no task is missed when organizing a trips departure. This leads to the perfect trip for you and your guests. It is through this dedication that GTS has become a leader in transportation in all of the Midwest.

Tours: Travel Treasures & Tours

Not all outings involve just taking a motorcoach. Often trips involve so much more. That is why we have teamed up with Travel Treasures & Tours. TTT is an affiliate of ours that can help anyone with all their tour needs. They are a separate company that chooses to use GTS for their bus tours. TTT can help plan your itinerary, and book your hotel accommodations, meals, tickets, and attractions. They have a list of pre-packaged trips and tours you can hop on for a quick getaway. Or you can let them plan an excursion for your entire group. They use their relationships and connections that they’ve made over the past decade to get the best rates from their supplies, and can pass those rates along to you. Allowing them to plan your trip allows you to relax and let them deal with the headaches of making dozens of call to different vendors for your trip. Click on the link to be transported to the most accommodating and professional Motorcoach Tour Company. One phone call to them will help you understand; how you can save money and how truly easy it can be to get assistance with their specialized services.

Vehicle Maintenance: Bus & Truck Service

Bus & Truck Service, also known as BTS, is the choice for repairs for so many Diesel, Heavy Duty Tuck, Van, and Motorcoach Operators. They choose BTS because they can count on us to take care of their vehicles like our own. We can remove and replace thousands of parts on your vehicle, but we can also do so much more. We aren’t just parts changers. We can diagnose and improve on faulty design flaws. We have a vast array of supplies and stay up to date on the latest technologies. All of our mechanics are either ASE or State Certified. If we can’t diagnose it, you don’t get charged. We warranty all labor, and always give HONEST and FAIR pricing. You will NOT see made up items on your invoice. When you need repairs done and done right the first time, count on BTS. We’ll treat you and your vehicle right!

Marketing: Bus Wraps

Ground Travel Specialist specializes in mobile branding. This is just another way GTS can help that our competitors can’t. Our vehicles pass thousands of vehicles a day. Use this to your advantage for marketing your product, adding a new dimension to your public service announcement, or to show off your group when doing a nationwide tour. Mobile advertising is not for everyone. It takes professionals to make sure your message is well received. Contact one of our professionals for more information on this exciting opportunity.

Length / Distance of Trip

Hourly / Local:

Hourly trips are short trips usually not going too far. These types of trips are usually within the same metropolitan area. Trips can be a short as you want. We’ve done charters as short as picking up and dropping off down the street, or they can be shuttling back and forth for a wedding across county lines. Call GTS to receive honest and fair pricing for the type of work you need us to do. Every bus company has minimum charges for their vehicles. We keep our minimum price low to be able to help on the smallest and simplest of runs. Don’t overpay for service you don’t need. Call GTS toll-free at (877) 544-1055 to get a fast quote, and only pay for the transportation your group requires.

Day Trips / Local or nearby States:

Day Trips are charters that last one day. They vary in distance driven, and type of group, but they always last only one day from the beginning to the end. Common day trips include trips going to the more distant casinos in Michigan, to groups going to Cedar Point Adventure Park. We take care of thousands of groups a year that do these shorter trips. Here at GTS we still treat each one with special care when planning and executing your transportation needs. Trust in us as so many others have before and call toll-free (877) 554-1055 to start planning your next trip.

Overnight / Far Cities and State to State:

Overnight Charters involve the group keeping the vehicle for more than one day. Often a group is staying in a hotel or they are driving through the night. The trips can be hundreds of miles away and GTS will still work with you to make sure it is done legal and safe. Ground Travel Specialist can handle any of these types of trips. We are motivated to make your excursion a complete success and can discuss with you the details to fulfill this promise. Check availability and pricing with a quick phone call to (877) 554-1055. It’s the first step to ensuring that you and your passengers get the best service at the best price.

Extended – Long Term / Regional or Cross Country:

GTS can handle the longest of trips. We have the resources, experience, and knowledge to deal with any bus charter no matter the number of days, no matter how much distance. When you are traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles there is a very short list of companies that can manage and plan for trips of this length. These types of charters take unique preparation to ensure that the bus is properly taken care of, and to potentially have to swap drivers (depending on your itinerary). It takes special drivers with exceptional abilities to handle all the care and consideration the bus and group needs during this type of trip. Here at GTS we look for and train drivers that want the capacity to manage these circumstances. The drivers actually come to work looking forward to their next long run. Our modern vehicles have extra preventative maintenance done prior to departure. Call us at our toll-free number, (877) 554-1055 because, at GTS, we guarantee that we will be there from day 1 through day 100 of your trip. When your travels are all over, you’ll be glad you chose GTS!

Type of Trips

One Way:

One way trips can be short or long. What they do have in common is there is usually not a detailed itinerary needed. We pick-up at the location(s) that you tell us and we take you to where you want to go. The group doesn’t need use of the vehicle at its destination. They are often used for moves that have no use, or if the group does not need a ride back to their original drop-off. We have dropped off in Florida a group of 50 for a cruise that released the vehicle, and we have taken 10 businessmen and women to the airport from their hotel. No matter the distance you can count on GTS to take care of your passengers the entire time and on time.

Round Trip Service:

This is the most common type of trip. Round Trip Service is when we pick you and your group up, take them to your choice of destination and then back home. This can be spread out for multiple days. You can have stops on the way to your destination or even after. Common Round Trip Service would be casino trips, school trips, family reunions, or just about any other routine trip. There is such a variety of Round Trip service charters. Too many to list. Our charter buses are perfect for any of them. Our versatile fleet that comes with an abundance of amenities to satisfy any groups needs. Don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at (877) 554-1055; that way you can get your reservation in before we book up.


Shuttles are a particular kind of trip that involves going to and from 2 to 5 locations over and over again during a set amount of time usually on a set schedule. Usually, but not always, it is within a short amount of distance. Shuttles are often utilized for transporting guests for a wedding to the service, then to the reception and back and forth between there and an area hotel. They are also often used for conventions to get people to and from the event and their area hotels. Having a bus do shuttles can decrease the total number of buses needed. By utilizing the same bus to do multiple runs to the locations rather than hiring additional vehicles you can save money. They can be extra by picking more people up from the location you dropped off at. All of this allows your group to arrive on schedule, or gives passengers more options on when to leave the reception or event. We have different size vehicles to handle any size shuttle. With just a couple questions our office staff can use their expertise to design a shuttle to best fit your transportation needs. When you need to make sure everything runs seamlessly, call us to ensure a safe, reliable, organized, and professional shuttle for your group.

All Over:

All over trips are special kinds of trip whereas the destination may be multiple locations. An example of this would be a school trip heading from the Chicago area to Philadelphia, Washington DC, then onto New York City before heading home. We have also done trips for a theatre troop that started in New York and ended in Las Vegas. They made almost 50 stops over the 110 days of the trips. Each destination was an integral part of their trip. With runs like these it can be hard to say one is the primary destination as they are all very important parts of your charter. We specialize in handling these trips in a safe and professional manner. Our staff understands how to get the job done right, legal, and safe. The drivers have experience driving to 49 of the states and Canada. If your itinerary has a lot of miles, or a full day of work, we can swap drivers seamlessly so you incur no interruption during your ride. Longer trips would have maintenance pre-planned at locations for routine check-ups to avoid any service interruptions then, and later in the trip. We will not let you down. GTS is the preferred charter choice for anyone that needs reliable and comfortable transportation. Don’t miss out. Call now to make sure you save a bus for the dates for your travel. We can be reached toll-free at (877) 554-1055

Fly and Drive:

Whether flying into one of Metro Detroit airports or one across the country. We are everyone’s favorite for being their charter bus company to pick them up when their flight lands. Not all trips allow for time for the group to drive, especially when it is hundreds of miles away. When you still need to get around the town once you land, we can be there for you. Both Fly and Drives and Cruise Transfers are a unique kind of transportation needed. Not every company has the experience to handle these types of trips. It is important that the bus is ready to pickup when you are. You can count us to be that company. Often we have customers that are loyal to GTS to handle all of their charter bus moves. When these customers fly out of state they still prefer to use our services more than any other company. They often do this for ease of us handling everything dealing with all their travel with one phone call. Others do it because they love the amenities or are attached to one of our many great drivers. No matter the reason, you too can count on us to handle all of your transportation needs.