Ground Travel Specialist is proud to have been there to help for Emergency Relief transportation dealing with natural disasters, evacuations, and mass relocations. These events can be devastating to a city, region, group of people, or a family, both financially and emotionally. With a caring and considerate heart we have had fast response times even 1000’s of miles away from our main terminal, knowing that transportation in these cases must be handled expeditiously. We have been contracted by FEMA, TMS, the military, humanitarian organizations, church groups, and even neighboring families. When called upon for service we have moved military personnel, the affected citizens, relief volunteers and contractors alike. With extra large storage space, electrical outlets, wireless internet, restrooms, room for 27 to 57 passengers or more, and the know-how to deal with these unfortunate situations, GTS can help ease the stress and chaos of trying to get through the tough times and get you and your group where they need to be during this time of great need.


  • Natural Disaster
  • Evacuations / Relocations
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