There have been times that we here at GTS have been called on by businesses to help with the logistics of moving Employees, Contractors, Temp Employees, and Customers. Often this can be caused by a construction project, or moving locations. Sometimes a business has a seasonal influx and they need to bring people from one work site to another. They have had their employee’s park at their normal place of work and had the staff shuttled over. Other times there just isn’t enough parking for employees or students, like when we were called by a University that had certain times in the day that they had more students on campus than parking spots available. While they were building a new parking structure they had them park off-campus and shuttled in. Similarly we had a mall that needed the extra parking during the busy Christmas season, so we were called to shuttle mall and store employees from an off-site parking to the mall. Many of these moves involved us being contracted for months at a time. Other times an employer used the vehicles just for one day to tour a new facility a couple weeks before switching locations. We are up to the challenge of completing any and all of your transportation needs. GTS has professional and prompt drivers. Our office staff is extremely accommodating for complex travel needs even with short notice. You can count on us to manage all of this with fair and honest up front pricing. Even if you are in the beginning stages or are just considering your options, give us a call and see how we can help.