Fraternities and sororities have been about making new friends, forming connections, and giving back to their communities and schools. When your group has an event away from your house, it is easy for transportation to be overlooked. Don’t be the chapter that doesn’t plan ahead: keep everyone safe and never worry about a member or one of your guests getting lost or being put in a hazardous position. Keep the good times rolling with one of our deluxe motorcoaches.

When you call GTS in Detroit, our drivers take responsibility for making sure everyone arrives safely and on time. We do allow moderate and responsible drinking on our charter buses, so your group can start enjoying themselves soon. Each charter bus has a CD and DVD player so you can enjoy music during the ride, as well as a restroom, and seating for up to 57 people per bus. We have a fleet large enough to handle even the largest events.

Why book an out-of-state broker that will pick you up in whatever run-down vehicles they can find? They take what you pay, skim off for their profits and book whoever and however many buses they can scrape up for your group. Book your coaches direct with Ground Travel Specialist. We have helped organize many Greek Life events, which means that we have the experience and patience to make sure every detailed is covered.

Contact us today to book your next charter bus in Detroit!