No trip is too long. Ground Travel Specialist has some of the most well maintained vehicles out on the road. This is very important when you choose your motor carrier for any trip, especially long ones. This significantly cuts down on any chances of a breakdown or other service interruption. We have handled contracts starting in New York, ending in Las Vegas. These trips lasted over 90 days, bouncing from city to city for performance tours across the entire US. We stopped at every major city and even some smaller towns. A trip like this is not common. You should want to book a reputable company that has done long trips like this before. There are so many different things that must be done when a diesel bus is gone that long, and traveling that many miles. Before your trip goes, our knowledgeable and skilled mechanics and garage crew will thoroughly check out the vehicle prior to departure. During your trip scheduled maintenance stops are a must. You can’t put that much work on any bus without filter/oil change and other things checked out. GTS has the experience to make sure these check-ups do not affect the group’s itinerary at all. Even if your trip is shorter…Our drivers go through special training to ensure a good understanding of basic maintenance and troubleshooting for any unexpected issues during your trip. All of this comes down to reliability for the entire length of any size trip. All of this is great, for safety and to ease your mind but when everything is running great with the bus, the passengers still expect more. GTS gives you all this with comfortable seating and reclining seats, a restroom, Entertainment System like DVD, CD, Wi-FI and even 110v electrical plug outlets. The large buses have lower bay storage to fit a very robust amount of luggage. Just know when choosing your transportation provider that you may have options for good motorcoach companies, but only GTS is fully prepared and committed to you and your trip. Because of our experience we are the only company with all the tools and resources already at our disposal to make sure from the first pickup to the very last drop-off, everything goes perfect.

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