Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) can help in mobilizations for troops of for any branch of the military. Whether for Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, or Marines; Whether for Officers, Enlisted, or just recruits; Whether for Active Duty or the Reserves, we can be your choice for moving from base to base for any operation in the US or Canada. We are familiar with most of the units in Michigan and bases across the US. GTS is a veteran owned business. We understand what it takes to accomplish your mission. Our professional and prompt drivers will show up on time and get the group under your command where they need to be safe and sound. We are accustomed to moving troops from Selfridge ANG to Camp Grayling for a long weekend at the rifle range OR much longer trips, such as a pick-up at a High School ROTC for a trip south for a drill competition. We have been a part of troop movements for ADT, activation of National Guard across the country, or transportation just to the airport. All of our full size motor coaches have sanitized restrooms, Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, DVD Video system, and more amenities to make the trip more comfortable before going to a camp where those items will be limited. Whatever your needs are, if you’re in charge of organizing the transportation for your troops, give us a call and see for yourself.