Nobody can deny that the last election cycle was pretty crazy. All political parties have a lot of work in front of them to accomplish their agendas, and to hold, if not gain, more political support with the citizens of every city, district, state, or nationally. Often transportation is needed for meetings and retreats to plan the direction of your group, organizing those in your political party to allow your voice to be heard and getting out there to meet with constituents whom are important to get your message across. In the same way, demonstrators and protestors whether part of a political party or not also act as a voice to the will of the people. In all these cases we understand the travel needs you may have when calling to book transportation. Whether needing just one mini-bus for a State Representative or Senator for local shuttles, needing 30 full size motor coaches buses for a protest group to head to Washington DC for a rally, or a political party heading across the country for the national convention or needing shuttle work once at the convention; we are happy to accommodate. Although we are located in the Midwest we are a trusted provider for many customers across the country. The longer the trip, the easier for us to drop charges to get to the start location (deadhead) and accommodate a week of bus use a thousand or more miles away from one of our garages, even just for local use. Our classy 50+ passenger vehicles with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi are perfect for politicians, political staffers, or the media. Our smooth and professional drivers will put you at ease so you can focus on the work in front of you. An added bonus is that we have the equipment and experience in-house to create custom bus graphics for your bus use purpose. It’s as easy as one phone call to find out how GTS can help you with all your bus marketing and transportation needs.

  • Republican National Convention (RNC)
  • Democratic National Convention (DNC)
  • Civil Protests, Boycotts, Marches
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