While safety on school trips is obviously the most important factor when choosing a charter bus company, you can have safety and a whole lot more! Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) in Detroit provides prompt, reliable, and cost-effective transportation for students and faculty for field trips of all kinds!

Instead of paying for a school bus, you can spend almost the same amount and make any trip more exciting and much more comfortable! Students, teachers, and chaperones alike love riding in our roomy, safe, and feature-loaded charter buses. Each of our vehicles has a restroom and a video system, which can help cut down on the number of stops required, and gives teachers an opportunity to entertain or inform students about where they are going with an educational video. Teachers also appreciate the quiet ride, as it gives them time to read, grade papers, or check their itineraries. The PA system makes it possible to make announcements to the children in order to to keep things organized.

When you’re responsible for the safety of so many kids as well as their learning experience, why count on a run-down school bus, or a bus company with a sub-par safety program when you can book a clean charter bus with GTS?

GTS is perfect for taking your class to:

  • Zoos
  • Museums
  • Historical sites
  • Athletic competitions
  • Academic events