While safety is most important; why expect just this? Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) is safe and so much more. We provide prompt, reliable, and cost-effective transportation for students and faculty for all kinds of field trips. Some school buses can be a reasonable option, but for not much more you can make that field trip go from bland to exciting as soon as one of our luxury touring coaches pull up. Students are enthusiastic to be on different types of vehicles like these. It makes them feel important and adds to the memories of the day. Students also love that most vehicles are equipped with a restroom so no young kids will be asked to hold it until you arrive to your destination. A bathroom accident is the worst way to start your day. Educators, Faculty, and Chaperones are happy about the video system to keep the students calm, passive, and occupied during the ride to the planned outing. Teachers can also appreciate the quiet ride and can make announcements to the children to keep things organized through the bus’s available PA system. When you’re responsible for so many kids safety and their learning experience why count on a run-down school bus, or a bus company with a sub-par safety program. When you book with GTS just sit back and relax knowing that you’ve hired one of the industry’s most trusted and experienced coach companies.

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