When you hit those Golden Years don’t slow down. Keep moving. Enjoy your retirement. These should be care-free times again, and they can be. When you book your senior group with GTS, you are booking with one of the most trusted and counted on transportation providers for seniors in Michigan. We understand you have options and that’s why we work so hard on each and every trip to keep you and your passengers more than satisfied with our services. Our newly updated fleet of vehicles will show up clean, prompt, and ready to impress you and your passengers. We have all the amenities you and your group care about and more. We already have accounts with many city senior centers and senior only clubs. Many of these group leaders are like family to us. We keep good communication with them from the initial set-up thru the entirety of your trip and even after with help planning their next trip. Seniors love our highly trained, highly professional drivers that are accustomed to these special groups and their requests. Book with GTS and rest easy knowing you’re with the company that cares.