We have plenty of groups schedule charter bus trips specifically for shopping. Popular shopping trips include travelling to Chicago for the Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier, or in New York for the many shopping districts. Here in Michigan, shopping trips can be a great day out for you and your friends. We’ve done trips to Great Lakes Crossing, Somerset, or many of Michigan’s great outlet malls like Birch Run and Howell.

Many shopping trips can be paired up with other area attractions for a full mini-vacation experience, a trip to the Mall of America in Minnesota being a perfect example. Groups have used these trips for Christmas shopping, for special shopping events like Vera Bradley in Indiana, or to save money on back-to-school clothes for the kids.

No matter the reason or distance, we can pick you up in a spacious touring motorcoach equipped with a restroom, electrical outlets, WiFi, plenty of storage space for all your groups’ purchases, and more. These vehicles are a convenient and fun way to get 20 to 50 friends and neighbors together for a fun day, a weekend, or a full week out.

Best of all, when you choose GTS for your charter bus trips, it’s affordable. Ground Travel Specialist has very competitive, value-based pricing. When you decide to go on a shopping trip we understand that you want to spend your money on the goods, and not on the transportation to get there. Call us and talk to any of our knowledgeable sales and support staff to get great pricing or tips to help you book your most successful shopping trip ever!