Student Travel and Educational Trips are very important trips to us. They should be filled with great memories and our goal at Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) is to be a part of those happy thoughts. I still remember my 8th Grade class trip to Washington D.C. and the “cool” driver we had. Although I can’t remember his name, I do know that he got us around to all of our tour sites and we never waited for the bus. He was always at the bottom of the steps with a cheerful smile. We take that to heart and strive for this and so much more when training and then assigning the drivers for you. We understand the importance of a great driver for these types of trips. All drivers must be safe with good driving records to match, to work for us. With tight itineraries in an unfamiliar area for the group, it is vital that the driver knows how to maneuver around to get you to all your activities on time. We wish all drivers could be that “cool” driver that was great with kids, but they aren’t. For that reason we only choose the friendliest, most professional, highest requested, and most experienced drivers to handle student travel groups, especially when going to DC, New York, Chicago, or pretty much anywhere out-of-state. Our office staff puts extra focus on ensuring your trip is a complete success. All vehicles scheduled on these trips will be thoroughly gone through by our mechanics prior to your departure. We do these preventative maintenance checks to limit any chance of vehicle concern because we recognize everything that your group plans to accomplish. There’s no extra time to be wasted dealing with faulty equipment. Your students won’t notice this, but the chaperones, teachers, and others that set-up the trip will appreciate a successful trip without bus issues. What your passengers will realize is the comfortable seating, clean interior, and the sanitized restroom. Your students and staff will love the amenities to make the travel time go by faster such as the DVD entertainment system, electrical outlets, and Wi-Fi. When it comes to Student and Educational Travel make GTS your number one choice.

  • Washington DC
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Mackinaw Island