Nothing says I’m a real fan like showing up hours and hours before the big game. Okay…Maybe you don’t have to, but it sure is fun anyways. The camaraderie, the built-up excitement, the full day experience with like minded people that you can’t get any other way. Here at GTS we have been the fans choice for getting groups to the game early for tailgating, or just in time for the start. Whichever way you prefer. We have done both bus transportation and tailgating trips for College and NFL football fans, other sports, and even concerts. Our large luxury touring motorcoaches are a great way to fit all the gear, games, coolers, and grills you can need with our oversized under-carriage luggage storage. Our vehicles also have 110 volt electrical outlets (like your house) and wireless internet. Perfect to get real-time game stats and update your fantasy team roster on your cell-phones, laptops, and tablets. We also have a variety of colors in our fleet to add to the ambience. Going to a Detroit Lions game? Request one of the blue or grey vehicles. Michigan Football? Get the Maize or Blue bus. Even Red for the Red Wings and Orange for the Tigers…We’ve got it. It’s just one of many things our competitors can’t offer that we can. See the photos through-out our website for pictures of these vehicles in our fleet. Since we provide the driver, we do allow moderate and responsible drinking on the bus to start your entertaining day. Win or lose you’ll have a great time when you book your tailgating event with GTS.