When you are in charge of choosing the transportation provider for your Motorcoach Tour, look no further than Ground Travel Specialist (GTS). We are the preferred choice for those tour organizers that spend long hours sweating the details to make sure each and every guest on their trip is ecstatic about their entire experience. They choose GTS because they know that we have the same goals and are part of their team, their service staff. We know from the start of the trip through the end, that it is our responsibility to make all of the passengers that put their trust in that Tour Operator, want to come back and travel with them again, and again. We are that company that works with you to provide the perfect experience and are still there if anything unexpected comes up. Your hotel messed up on the number of rooms? The dinner reservation at the restaurant isn’t ready yet? We excel in improvising with your tour host/tour escort to make sure your passengers are not inconvenienced. We train each and every driver on customer service skills so that it is impressed on them to do whatever they must to keep your group happy. They are prepared, professional, and proactive to assist you and your trip to run smoothly. There really is no other choice in transportation that really cares like we do. Our motorcoaches come with all the amenities your passengers could want and more. DVD, Multiple Video Monitors, comfortable seats, and more come standard on every vehicle in our fleet. With that list we also have plug outlets and Wi-Fi on all motorcoaches. If you have the time, come visit us, check out our fleet, and meet the office staff. Find out what makes us so different. We are sure once you do, we’ll be your preferred charter choice for your transportation provider.

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