1. Visit Orlando By Charter Bus

    Do the winters in Detroit get you down? Does your group want to travel to warmer climes for some fun? If you’re having a particularly rough winter, nothing sounds better than getting away from the cold and the snow. One of the best places to go to enjoy some sun and surf is Florida. But with tons of great destinations in the Sunshine State, where is a good place to start? Read on to learn more a…Read More

  2. Visit the Grand Canyon by Charter Bus

    The Grand Canyon is one of the most stunning locations in the world. If your group wants to see this natural wonder, charter a bus with Ground Travel Specialist for a fun, safe trip to one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) is the premier choice for groups of any size who want to charter a bus. Our buses are clean, safe, and feature all of the modern ame…Read More

  3. Travel to Washington D.C. on a Charter Bus

    Our nation’s capital is a popular destination for many Americans. Whether you are traveling as a part of a school trip, to participate in a march, or to learn more about the seat of federal power, Washington D.C. offers many great learning and sightseeing opportunities. Ground Travel Specialist is Detroit’s best charter bus company. Our clean, comfortable buses, along with our well-trained, sa…Read More

  4. Take a Charter Bus to See the Pacific Northwest: Part Two

    In our last blog entry, we took a look at a few ways to spend your time while you visit Seattle on a charter bus trip. In today’s entry, we will talk about another one of the Pacific Northwest’s best cities: Portland. If your group is looking to go to Portland (or anywhere else in the country), call us at Ground Travel Specialist in Detroit. We have the nicest charter buses, the safest drivers…Read More

  5. Take a Charter Bus to See the Pacific Northwest: Part One

    While we all know just how beautiful Michigan is, sometimes it is nice to go see a part of the country that is unique and beautiful in its own way. We’ve talked about trips to the Rocky Mountains, the Black Hills, and other areas, and today we want to discuss some of the great reasons why you might want to go check out the Pacific Northwest with your group! Seattle, Portland, and other areas of …Read More

  6. Book a Charter Bus to a Music Festival!

    When you are a music fan, you wait impatiently for early spring because that means that the announcement of acts who are playing the large music festivals start to roll out. First, a headliner and some smaller acts and then, seemingly overnight, the floodgates open and dozens of bands and artists are named for each fest. Trying to determine which fest(s) you want to attend can be agonizing, but fi…Read More

  7. Charter a Bus to New York City

    New York is one of the most exciting cities on the planet for a multitude of reasons. The City That Never Sleeps boasts some of the world’s most important culture, dining, and so much more. If your group has decided to visit the Big Apple, Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) would love to take you there. We offer the best charter buses in the greater Detroit area. We can take you anywhere you want to…Read More

  8. A Charter Bus Makes a Trip to Mount Rushmore Easy!

    Seeing the Mount Rushmore monument is an incredible experience. While there are many wonderful photos that trace the monument from the beginning of its construction, through to completion, and into the present day, no photograph can really do it justice. If you are a part of a group that loves to visit National Parks or important landmarks across the United States, Mount Rushmore should be towards…Read More

  9. Book a Charter Bus For a Trip To Comic-Con!

    For people who love movies, TV, science fiction, and comic books, the biggest event of the summer is always the Comic-Con in San Diego. Every year, thousands of fans descend on the Southern California city to catch the latest glimpse at upcoming movies, buy exclusive and limited merchandise, or catch a panel with their favorite actors, directors, and writers. While the origins of the convention ar…Read More

  10. Take a Charter Bus to Spring Break!

    Even though the fall semester is just about to begin, it’s never too early to start planning for your spring break! If you and a group of your friends, a school club, or your sorority or fraternity are thinking about taking a trip to somewhere fun over spring break, GTS can help! We have the nicest fleet of charter buses in the Detroit area! No matter what size your group is, we can get you to y…Read More