1. Take One of Our Buses to Your Next Convention

    There are all types of conventions around the country on an almost weekly basis, where enthusiasts of all kinds can gather and share their love of a common hobby or interest. The more well-known conventions, such as comic book conventions and gaming expos, attract tons of interest, but there are also conventions for the more obscure, such as beekeeping conferences and expos for those who love merm…Read More

  2. A Long Trip Made Comfortable

    When you think about taking a vacation, you look forward more to getting to the destination, not the journey. You might be taking a plane, a bus, or driving your own car to your destination, but all you’re really looking forward to is getting there and not traveling any more. At Ground Travel Specialist, we believe that the journey should also be comfortable, and we’ve done our very best to ma…Read More

  3. Take a Charter Bus to the Amusement Park!

    Summer is the perfect time to take a vacation, and if you have a youth group or school group, a trip to an amusement park is a great idea. Michigan has plenty of amusement park options, from Jeepers at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights to Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon. You can find roller coasters, water slides, and much more on your vacation, and Ground Travel Specialist (GTS) can get you th…Read More

  4. Hire a Bus for Your Overnight Field Trip

    Most schools take day trips to see museums, historic sites, and other interesting locations, and those trips are usually made on school buses or vans. However, there are those rare occasions when a group or class takes an overnight trip and needs more comfortable transportation. When you need a charter bus for your overnight field trip, Ground Travel Specialist is here to help. We have the ideal b…Read More